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group of software developers and analysts located in NYC area. We developed the application based on our recent experience of developing estimating system for Custom-made Ductwork manufacturing. The system could be easily converted into e-commerce website. We are open for any form of cooperation and looking forward to hear from you soon.

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How to use it:
There are three tabs to select:
Square Ducts
Round Ducts

In the first two you can find ducts thumbnails. Click on desire product and you will see popup form.

The Setting tab fields are disabled for now. It will be available for open accounts.

All fields are required to be completed. There is no limits in values, also there is no validation for entered numbers. All of that will be fixed into next version. Just show us you interested in that.

After submit, you will see totals in a result form. Each duct parameter entries could be modified/updated. For that, just click on duct name link.

If you have an account opened, you can download the result form on to your computer. Also, you can modify and use your own setting for calculations.
COMING SOON : We are still working on improving the system. The uploading option will be implemented soon.